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Kaohsiung country Dashu backveld
kaohsiung County Dashu Township Office

Office of Secretariat Civil Affairs Dept. Economic Dept. Agricultural Affairs Section Social Welfare Dept. Personnel Office Accounting Office Civil Service Ethics Office to organize

Hsiang Administration Office of home town puts chief of township, director and secretary, secretary, and the classroom of consisting of lesson six , room three namely civil administration lesson , financial lesson , building the lesson , agricultural lesson , social lesson , military service lesson , personnel office , policy wind room , accounting office etc., and such subsidiary units as the home town cleaning squad , township set up the library , market house, differentiate the palm and pay attention to the work , such as administrative measures , local construction , social welfare ,etc., if the system of administrative organization of Hsiang Administration Office is pursued to be shown.

Office of Secretariat

*Duties and Responsibilities
  • Management and maintenance of offices

  • Procurement

  • Correspondence sending and receiving

  • Listing of complaints by people

  • Civilian service related affairs

  • Website management

  • Assignments from superiors and others


Civil Affairs Dept.

*Duties and Responsibilities
  • Affairs concerning village and neighborhood heads and the meeting of representatives of town people, adjustment of administrative areas at the township and village levels, management of village managers, affairs regarding public properties, elections, and various festivals and events

  • Affairs concerning temple management, code of conduct, campaign against smoking and drugs, cemetery management and bone ash graves

  • Affairs concerning indigenous and Hakka people
  • Dispute Mediation Committee, civil defense, policing, mobilization meeting for civilian defense, legal assistance, rehab protection
  • Affairs concerning sports events, social education, education for elementary and junior high school students, cultural and art events, scholarships and first choice incentives, historic spots and buildings
  • Land administration, Land Lease Committee, ritual processes and other related affairs
  • Sports administration

Economic Dept.

*Duties and Responsibilities
  • Handling of permit applications for civil works, urban plans, public works, and road excavation and applications for certificates of no personally owned farmhouses, and issuance of certificates for land use zoning
  • Transportation, irrigation and drainage, easy tap water, investigation and reporting of illegal buildings, and correction of factory registration
  • Management and maintenance of road lamps, repair of damaged roadbeds and drainage ditches

Agricultural Affairs Section

*Duties and Responsibilities
  • Agriculture, forestry, livestock farming, and fishery products and agricultural promotion
  • Distribution of food of life and agricultural products and agribusiness survey
  • Issuance of certificates certifying agricultural lands used for agricultural purpose only
  • Investigation and reporting of the use of hillside lands

Social Welfare Dept.

*Duties and Responsibilities
  • Reserves service
  • Conscription
  • Military service
  • Management of reserve soldiers

Personnel Office

*Duties and Responsibilities
  • Handling the assignment and dismissal, transfer, selection and review, performance assessment, training, remunerations, benefits, retirement, pension and business trips of civil servants.

Accounting Office

*Duties and Responsibilities
  • Budget making and account settlement
  • Budget allocation and implementation
  • Fund review (internal review)
  • Keeping of accounting instruments
  • Making and submittal of monthly accounting statements
  • Other assignments

Civil Service Ethics Office

*Duties and Responsibilities
  • Issues concerning staff discipline and ethics
  • Investigation of problems the community has as part of the civilian service
  • Organization of ethics investigations and questionnaire surveys

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